Cross compiling OpenWRT for the Zipit Z2

Here is a quick rundown for getting OpenWRT-Zipit cross compiled on a 64 bit Intel i7 machine with Ubuntu Server 12.10.


  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get build-essential git-core gawk pngcrush libpng-dev flex
  • sudo adduser openwrt
  • su openwrt
  • cd ~
  • git clone
  • git clone
  • git clone
  • cd openwrt-zipit
  • echo “src-link zipitpackages $HOME/openwrt-zipit-packages” > feeds.conf
  • echo “src-link packages $HOME/openwrt-packages” > feeds.conf
  • wget
  • make package/symlinks

After this you can run:

  • make menuconfig
  • make 
For debugging the make process (in case anything goes wrong), run 
  • make V=99
For compiling individual packages, run
  • make package/<packagename>

And everything should compile. If it doesn’t it’s probably a package fault which should be fixed.

10th of may ’13: Currently broken:



  • ln -s `pwd`/staging_dir/target-arm_v5te_uClibc- `pwd`/staging_dir/target-arm_v5te_uClibc-
  • Open openwrt-zipit-packages/pygame/Makefile and change the DEPENDS to :  DEPENDS:=+python-mini +libsdl +libpng +libjpeg +libsdl-image +libsdl-mixer +libsdl-ttf +libv4l

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