Using partials in ExpressJS 3

I liked the concept of partials in Express; with 3 they are no more. Luckily someone added support for them in a separate module. I’m assuming the use of ejs as template engine (which is the one I always use).

Adding support is easy:



to your package.json  or run;

    npm install express-partials

To the definitions (in your app.js) add on top;

, partials = require(‘express-partials’)

Under your app=express() definition add;


 Make sure to add it above the other app.use() commands; I didn’t check why yet, but adding it under others will not make partials function.

Now you are all set up to use partials!

Some simple cases:

res.render(‘index’); // renders index.ejs in <%- body %> variable of layout.ejs

res.render(‘index’, {layout:mobile}); // renders index.ejs in <%- body %> variable of mobile.ejs

res.render(‘index’); // where index contains <%- partial(‘user’, {somevar:’hello’}) %> renders user.ejs inside index.ejs which is rendered in the <%- body %> variable of layout.ejs

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