OpenMSX keybindings on OpenPandora

Annoyed by the default settings for the OpenMSX emulator on the Pandora, I decided to pen some ways down to fix it:

by default the the cursor keys are mapped to the joypad, so that fine. The nurbs are not working but I don’t like those for MSX anyway.

However the X,Y,A,B are not connected to anything sensible while playing games. OpenMSX was written on SDL and SDL sees XAYB as page down, home, page up, end.

To bind keys in OpenMSX you need the MSX keymappings:

The matrix and OpenMSX work pretty simple: when you want to bind a key press, you press F10 and then run:

bind PAGEDOWN “keymatrixdown 8 1” 

which binds the X button to the MSX spacebar.

The code “8 1” is calculated by:

  • the bit row number (8 in this case for space) 
  • 2^columnumber, so 2^0 = 1

So if you want the ‘n’:

  • row 4 
  • 2^3 = 8 
  • bind PAGEDOWN “keymatrixdown 4 8”

Here are my settings for Metal Gear 1:

    bind end “keymatrixup 8 1″

    bind end,release “keymatrixdown 8 1″

    bind pagedown “keymatrixup 4 8″

    bind pagedown,release “keymatrixdown 4 8″

    bind pageup “keymatrixdown 6 64″

    bind pageup,release “keymatrixup 6 64″

    bind home “keymatrixdown 6 128″

    bind home,release “keymatrixup 6 128″


  • X = n = hit/shoot
  • B = space = use
  • Y = F2 = inventory
  • A = F3 = weapons

Have fun!

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