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Mac OS X Firefox 3.5 intervals to 100% CPU about every 30 seconds

Yesterday suddenly my Firefox started to show the busy mouse pointer about every 30 seconds. Very annoying as it was completely unusable during about 5 seconds, and then 30 seconds later again etc.

I removed my Profile in ~/Library and checked if it was FF or something in my profile. Ofcourse it was something in my profile.

Checking my files I saw one file that looked ‘odd’ ; places.sqlite was rather huge (I do browser a lot), however sqlite can handle quite big databases. Anyway; I ran a

rm -f places*

and restarted FF. No more 100%. Fixed.

What is going on I don’t know; it looks like FF is running some kind of really bad query on that sqlite every +/- 30 s which is messing up the whole thing.