Using tcpproxy for http forwarding? Add X-Forwarded-For!

TCPProxy is one of the most beautiful tools I know of; it was nicely programmed, but above all; it has no bugs. None. We are routing millions of pageviews a day of hundreds of thousands of unique users through it and it has never let me down. It is fast, uses almost no CPU and is very very robust (I miss FTP support, but further it is totally perfect).

This unlike Apache (proxy pass) or Squid or the many other, less known, proxies I tried. Apache is especially crappy; proxy pass is riddled with bugs; under load it simply is unusable. And most of them are feature-heavy; too feature heavy; they are a pain to set up, but trivial things like not binding to etc or simple config files they have not.

We have the necessity to route web traffic via different machines in different places and ofcourse I wanted to use tcpproxy for the task, but it has no x-forwarded-for and so we were pissing our users (with forums, blogs etc) off. So I decided to hack tcpproxy for this. And it works. Serving the millions of pages through it. With x-forwarded-for.

This was tested on 1.1.9;

In tcpproxy.c, search for these lines;

int proxy_request(config_t *x, int cfd)
int sfd, rc, bytes;

and change to:

int sfd, rc, bytes, first=1, i;
char *hp, *hp1;
char tmp[4096];

then search for;

else if (write(sfd, buffer, bytes) != bytes) {
syslog(LOG_NOTICE, "client write() error");

and change that to;

else {
if (first && (
(buffer[0] == 'G' && buffer[1] == 'E' && buffer[2] == 'T') ||
(buffer[0] == 'P' && buffer[1] == 'O' && buffer[2] == 'S' && buffer[3] == 'T') ||
(buffer[0] == 'P' && buffer[1] == 'U' && buffer[2] == 'T')
)) {

hp = &buffer;
hp = strstr(buffer, "rnrn");
if (hp) {
hp1 = &buffer;
i = abs(hp1-hp);
*hp = '';
memcpy(tmp, buffer, bytes+1);
if (!strstr(buffer, "X-FORWARDED-FOR")) {
sprintf(buffer, "%srnX-Forwarded-For: %sr", tmp, x->client_ip);
hp = &tmp;
hp += i + 1;
i = bytes - i - 1;
bytes = i + strlen(buffer);
hp1 = &buffer;
hp1 += strlen(buffer);
memcpy(hp1, hp, i);
first = 0;

if (write(sfd, buffer, bytes) != bytes) {
syslog(LOG_NOTICE, "client write() error");



Compile it and it’ll add X-Forwarded-For.

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