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I am often searching the internet for handy programs and tools. Unfortunately, the never have anything I need or I cannot find it (which means, they did not market it properly ofcourse ;).

Usually I do some brainstorming with a friend about this kind of thing and then we think about building this tool ourself if we don’t like the existing ones or if we cannot find any. Our conversation usually go a bit like this;

me; would it not be nice to have X
he; yes that would be excellent, it would have features a,b,c
me; and ofcourse d,e,f,g,h
he; and it would certainly need i,j,k,l,m
me; right! that’s the least it should have

After about 30 minutes in this kind of talk, we both conclude that we need a rapid web application development environment and that X is just a subset of that environment.

Needless to say; we don’t have time, resources or even energy to start with the production of an RWADE…

We decided, after years of those kind of pointless sessions, to do the following; we will think of something which can be built, from concept to live application on the web, in less than 24 hours.
This forces it to be makeable and it cannot be an RWADE 😉 We decided to release such a ‘nice little tool’ every week.

The first we have is A very simple tool (take a look) which was built in about 4 hours from concept to the site you see online.

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