And… Another *great* tool, the best so far… Sharepoint, eat your heart out (really, you should)

Our latest and greatest tool is including great and cool Web 2.0 AJAX technology and is a replacement for all that sad and boring Excel-with-list sending over the mail. How often do you get an Excel sheet in your mail with no calculations, but only an enumeration of some sort ?

I get this daily; even yesterday one of my colleagues sent me an Excel with;

index servername URL action comment

He sent it to all people in the company (100) and asks if the responsible person for that site can please put some action in it and, if needed, some comment of what to do with this site/url.

A bit shocked I mailed back if we don’t have Sharepoint for this and he replies; it is too much hassle to put it into SP and our SP will get a mess because of it.

So our new invention has it’s merits. And we are using it already for everything.

Without further blabla, I proudly present;

Also some other things we did;

And I added very secure CLIENTSIDE encryption for

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