Ok, so maybe you should store everything in gmail…

I lately have been contemplating putting all my mails and some other content into Gmail. Why? Because Google is ofcourse a great searchengine, I don’t give a … about them ‘invading my privacy’ (running some statistical crap over mails to show some non-intrusive ads) and I find the AJAX client great.

So… I decided to take the step and send all my mail to both my Cyrus IMAP server and Gmail. I migrated all my IMAP mail (hundreds of thousands of mails) to Gmail using;

find . -type f -maxdepth 1 -name “*?.” -printf “%T@ %h/%f\n” |sort -n |colrm 1 11 |xargs -i bash -c “echo {} ; sendmail < {} myaddress@gmail.com ; sleep 2" (which I found on some webpage which I forgot) It ‘migrates’ one folder at a time ; you need access to the linux system on which the IMAP server (must be Cyrus!) resides. I will put my experiences here soon.

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