Installing FC4 on an Acer Ferrari 3400

Installing FC4 went even better than installing FC3; you also need to start with

linux nofb

to make sure you are seeing anything during startup. The rest is straightforward; you need
to select a 1400×1050 Generic LCD screen to get the best resolution going. Further everything
will go fine.

Except the wireless ofcourse.

To get it running, you need ndiswrapper with the 64 bit Windows driver for the Broadcom card.

Search for: on google to find the right drivers and download the ndiswrapper from the site.

Unpack the ndiswrapper package and build it:

make install

Unpack the Broadcom drivers, and use

ndiswrapper -i netbc564.inf

Then you can load the ndiswrapper into the driver:

modprobe ndiswrapper

Now you can lookup what there is in your current wireless lan:

iwlist wlan0 scan

It should show a list (provided you are somewhere in reach of a WIFI lan)

You can connect to a specific access point, by doing;

iwconfig wlan0 essid “AccessPointName”

(You actually see the ESSID name when running the iwlist scan command)

You don’t HAVE to do this; you can let the driver pick an accesspoint itself.

If you have WPA installed, you need wpa_supplicant; get it and install it.

A simple config I am using looks like this:


This should be in your


and then switch the WPA encryption on with:

wpa_supplicant -iwlan0 -c/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf -D ndiswrapper -B

If you have a DHCP server, then you can get the IP address like this:

dhclient wlan0

Or you can do it by hand with something like this (depending on your network);

ifconfig wlan0
route add default gw

Now everything is working!

Playing media files (like MP3s) is not standard in the applications like Gnome Music Player or
XMMS under FC4. You need some adjustments for that; do the following:

rpm -ivh

Now you can install all cool stuff; to get MP3s working, do this:

yum install libmad
yum install libid3tag
yum install gstreamer-plugins-mp3

If you get any errors when you try to play, run


and try some different configurations until it works. Then the music player should also work.

To burn CD/DVD I use k3b; use

yum install k3b

to get it installed.


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